Our Discord Server

Our Discord server is available at: go.meridiangrp.co.uk/discord.

Staff Team

Discord is managed by the Community Managers. These roles are currently held by:

Server Rules

Rules Introduction

MeridianGroup is an LGBTQ+ friendly community that is accepting of all users (above the ages of 13). The rules stated here are to be enforced by all MeridianGroup staff for the protection and safety of all members of the Discord Community, to keep everyone as safe and satisfied as possible. If there is anyone breaking these rules, please mention or DM a staff member immediately so we can help you as soon as we can.

Certain exceptions to these rules can be made if permitted by either:

  • The Owner/Founder
  • A Community Manager


Throughout these rules, the following definitions apply:

  • "NSFW" content is any content that would not be safe for viewing in a school or workplace, including full or partial nudity (where partial nudity is defined as wearing neither a top or bottom, or where the clothing worn is revealing more than half of the upper chest or any part of the hips) or any other form of sexually explicity content, or content which implies any sexual connotations.
  • "content" is any posts, reactions, comments, attachments, files, images or links published within the MeridianGroup Discord server.
  • "offensive" content is any content that could be determined to cause offense to a minority protected by the Equality Act 2010, or to any user who is recently bereaved.

§0 Meta-Rules

  1. New rules don't affect already existing content.
  2. Current or past bans or warnings aren't affected if rules are changed/removed.
  3. Staff aren't exempt to any of these rules, except where they have attained permission from their supervisor.
  4. Users must report rule breakers to a member of Staff if they know a rule is being broken.
  5. Staff can warn users if they are causing another user significant and measurable distress.
  6. Staff reserve the right to use their own discretion in line with the rules.
  7. Exploiting loopholes in these rules is prohibited (please report them).
  8. Using exploits, glitches, hacks or bugs in Discord is prohibited.
  9. Duplicate accounts are not allowed unless explicitly permitted by the Community Manager.

§1 Profile and Nickname Rules

  1. No blank or invisible nicknames.
  2. No inappropriate, offensive or sexually suggestive nicknames.
  3. No nicknames comprising only of unusual or unreadable Unicode glyphs.
  4. No blank, NSFW or offensive profile pictures.
  5. Staff reserve the right to change any user's nicknames.
  6. Rule revoked
  7. Rule revoked
  8. Rule revoked
  9. Rule revoked
  10. Offensive status messages are not permitted. Once a warning will is issued, you will be given 12 hours to change the status.

§2 Text Content Rules

  1. Don't spam @everyone or @here.
  2. Don't spam @mentions of user, either alone or as a group.
    • In the event that a group continues to spam a user, any user who has mentioned the targeted user within more than once five minutes will be considered to have broken the rules.
  3. No NSFW content in channels not marked as such.
  4. No illegal content, including piracy of any sort.
  5. No publishing of personal information (full or partial addresses, emails, passwords, bank information, full names, medical history or personal history).
  6. No offensive remarks targeted at a particular user or remarks that include harassment, including to any large group of people.
  7. Rule revoked
  8. No discussion of any religion, religious practices or faith.
  9. Rule revoked
  10. No trolling, spamming or harassment.
  11. No walls of text (either in separate posts or as a single post).
  12. Keep conversations primarily in English.
  13. Staff reserve the right to delete or pin any post at any time.
  14. No personal advertisement of any form, except for social media links to personal (not business, charity or for-profit) pages in the #promote-yourself channel.
  15. No commercial advertisement of any form, including for a business, or any other for-profit group.
  16. No advertising or links to other communities, Discord or otherwise.
  17. Keep on topic of the channel and read its description carefully.
  18. Link previews are also subject to these rules. Test your links first.
  19. Selling or buying is not permitted with the exception of posting a single post in #general offering the product to a user. Any further conversation must continue off the server (e.g. in DMs or over email).
  20. Rule revoked.
  21. Impersonating other users is prohibited.
  22. Any MLMs, sponsorships, discount codes, gifts, giveaways or competitions which could possibly benefit any user of the server in any way (monetary or otherwise) are not permitted without explicit prior permission from the Community Manager.
  23. Advertisement for charity events is permitted only with prior permission from the Community Manager.

§3 Voice and Sound Rules

  1. No repetitive channel changing (defined as changing more than 5 times in 10 seconds, or more than 20 times in 2 minutes).
  2. No loud (any noise that causes audio to become clipped, or is louder than -2dBFS) or high pitch (any noise where the fundamental is higher than 2.5kHz, thereby excluding harmonics) noises.
  3. Reduce the amount of background noise, wherever possible.
  4. Staff reserve the right to disconnect you from a voice channel if your sound is of unacceptable quality.
  5. Staff reserve the right to disconnect, mute, deafen, or move members to and from voice channels.
  6. Voice changers are not permitted in any voice channel.
  7. Recording voice channels is not permitted unless authorised explicitly by every user in the channel, except for the sole purpose of providing a member of MeridianGroup staff with videographic evidence of an event. After any evidence is submitted, the video - if permission was not obtained from members of the voice channel - must be completely deleted.
  8. Streaming voice channels is not permitted unless authorised explicitly by every user in the channel before any of thier voice is on stream.
  9. NSFW content is not allowed.
  10. Offensive language is not permitted.

§4 Bot Specific Rules

  1. Send commands to bots only in the #music-bot channel.
  2. Do not spam commands.
  3. Bot management is for staff only.

§5 NSFW Content Rules

  1. All NSFW content must be legal under UK legislation.
  2. No gore or excessive blood or bodily fluids, including those of animals.
  3. No pornography. Sexually suggestive memes at most.
  4. All NSFW content must stay in the NSFW channels only.
  5. No linking to content that is NSFW in non-NSFW channels.

§6 Video Streaming Rules

  1. No NSFW streams are allowed.
  2. Photographs of streams cannot be taken without permission from all involved.
  3. No offensive streams are allowed.

§7 Harassment and Bullying

  1. Harassment of any kind will be warned.
  2. The Police will be called if deemed necessary by Staff members.
  3. Constantly bringing up past or present issues, personal or socio-political, to any channel is not allowed.
  4. No personal or hateful issues in #general.
  5. Comments or remarks referencing people in a provocative way are not allowed.

§8 Event Rules

  1. Rules governing text content apply during events, with the exception of rules 1, 2, 17 and 18.

§9 Warnings and Punishment

  1. Rule revoked
  2. Rule revoked
  3. Rule revoked
  4. Rule revoked
  5. Relaying information from banned members into Meridian again is subject to a warning.
  6. Staff can decide how long they deem a ban to be appropriate, and can increase or reduce bans as they wish.
  7. Breaking the law will result in police action and a permanent ban.
  8. Any previous roles are not returned after returning from a ban.
  9. Rule revoked
  10. Being warned ten times within 30 days is a 3 day ban.
  11. Rule revoked
  12. All ban appeals can be sent to support@meridiangrp.co.uk.