New Game Servers

Every so often a user may wish to open up a new server on Meridian. There are a few options available. The only thing we ask is that you abide by a few rules which mainly are common sense. We don't want to take the fun out of it, but it is important that we are all vigilant and keep Meridian a safe group of people!

Host on Your Own Machine

Hosting a server on your machine may not seem like a very useful thing, but by using the MeridianGroup VPN players across MeridianGroup can connect to you without port forwarding and without using a public service which may not handle your data safely.

Host on MeridianGroup's Infrastructure

This option costs money, but generally a lot less than hosting a server by yourself! We can help you set up and help you maintain your server, whilst providing you with powerful and reliable infrastructure.

Still take full control over your server, as we provide you with the tools that the professionals use. It's a steep learning curve, but it is worth it and gives you valuable skills in technology and server management. You could even put it on a CV!