The person in charge of Branding is: Lily H.

MeridianGroup uses consistent design features to maintain a clear brand image. This page sets out some of the guidelines we follow.

If you require any branding materials, please see the GitLab Repository (please note that you must have permission from the person in charge to access this repository).


The MeridianGroup font is a clear way of showing affiliation. The font must only be used in projects approved by the committee. It should be used sparingly and only for product titles. For headings, the font 'Raleway' should be used. For paragraph text, the font 'Source Sans Pro' should be used.


Services closely affiliated with MeridianGroup should include a reference to either 'Meridian' or 'MeridianGroup' in their title, however this should not form an integral part of the name of the service. For example, XM is permitted, whilst MeridianXM is not.

The MeridianGroup logo can be used for any purpose associated with MeridianGroup. However, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • The logo should not be blurry or pixelated.
  • The logo should have sufficient spacing around it.
  • The logo should never be stretched.
  • The logo must never be used in a manner which suggests affiliation with MeridianGroup, unless you are affiliated with MeridianGroup.


The current colour pallette follows the original specification, which is available on request from the person in charge.