Meridian Reborn roleplay for FiveM

Hey. I'm Joey and I run the MeridianReborn server. Firstly, I would love to give you a warm welcome to this page and secondly I would love to thank you for picking Meridian over the hundreds of FiveM servers!

So, where can I start? Well, firstly, thank you for choosing us! Lets get onto the information…

Car in the Rain - FiveM Screenshot


We have a large collection of mods, ranging from extra vehicles to clever new features. Everything adds to the realism!

Great Admins

Our admins keep the server well controlled and free of mischievous cheaters, whilst also keeping the game fun!

Powerful Servers

Our servers are up to the task, meaning a lag-free experience for everyone!*

A train on a bridge - FiveM Screenshot

What is FiveM?

FiveM… play on massive servers with full modding capability, custom gamemodes, vehicles and weapons. Your world, your choice. The platform gives allows servers which re-create the complete Online experience.

Who are we?

Meridian, a team of 5, work together to give you powerful servers that are well run. We are all about freedom, friendship and fine roleplaying.

Over the past few months the FiveM server has been switched around a lot, Bsalarius used to manage all of the servers, Gmod, FiveM, Discord etc, but lately new roles and staff have had a change, with all new ranks. So now Joey is now server manager of FiveM and get ready for a hell of a ride!

Stay safe gamers!

* In-game experience is dependent on your local internet connection and computer specification.