FiveM (XM)

The person in charge of XM (FiveM) is: Joe P.


What is XM? XM is a new upcoming FiveM server hosted by Meridian Group itself. XM has been upgraded from it's former server 'Meridian Reborn' Reborn used to be a client side server, Where you had to install your own scripts and used vRP and that was very unorganised and crossed over with a lot of other plugins.

Since that we shutdown Reborn and are now developing 'XM' to make a more user friendly experience and make an easy to use RP experience. This means Self-progression, with server side menus, Jobs, Car Shops, Weapon shops, Banks and your own money system!


  • Use the F1 phone as a primary source to contact any services.
  • Once pulled over by a cop you can not run or else it will be counted as FailRP
  • You can only raid a shop 1 time a day.
  • Admins words are final
  • FailRP will not be tolerated at any times.
  • Spamming chat will result in a punishment.
  • The NLR applies at all times. If you die you cannot return to the previous role-play/scenario.
  • Do not impersonate any government agency.
  • Play realistically as you would in real life. Don't be silly...
  • No trolling, cop baiting.
  • No out of character talk. Unless using /ooc
  • No terrorist or rape/sexual role-play is allowed. (This includes spawning military vehicles).
  • No racial/religious / gender discrimination, in or out of role-play.
  • Do not leak any personal information including direct messages.
  • Role-play all vehicle crashes at all times disregarding the severity.
  • No meta-gaming / power-gaming.
  • Respect all members, not accounting the current situation, treat everyone equally with respect.
  • Do not drive on airfields.
  • Do not run while you are cuffed.
  • If you get tased twice, don't run or else it will be counted as failrp
  • No stealing ANY emergency vehicles.
  • Do not advertise social media, other servers, or websites. (Including /pm or /text).
  • No colours/callsigns/Emojis in your name. (Only if allowed by Owners)
  • Make sure to always obtain weapons realistically by going to a gunshop.
  • No suicide role-play.
  • Do not exploit commands.
  • No nude characters.
  • Make sure to always contact a mechanic for vehicle repairs, (If no mechanics are not online then entering garage and back again will be tolerated)
  • No VDM
  • The spawning of objects/props are prohibited.
  • You MUST obey the admins words at all times
  • Make sure to always role-play taking out a weapon.
  • Executive decisions and final outcomes are final.