The people in charge of Minecraft are:


The Minecraft server 'Atlarax' is a friend based Minecraft server that is only here the 'close' people of Meridian Group to have fun on and collaborate together.

This server will not be open to the public.


The Minecraft server has not a lot of restrictions on there so there has to be rules set to make sure that everything on the server is fair and well managed.

The Rules are the following:

  • Greifing is not tolerated at ALL, This will result in a semi-permanent ban! (This includes, Stealing from others, Killing of their animals aswell)
  • Any form of Cheats or Hacked clients are not permitted on the server. Soft hacked clients are permitted. Cheats to give you an unfair advantage are not!
  • Redstone clocks that are purposely made to 'lag' out the server are not allowed on the server and will result in the 'clocks' being deleted and a warn.
  • If you are entering someone's property please abide by their property rules.