KSP (Universe)

The person in charge of Universe (KSP) is: Lily H.


The KSP server uses DarkMP and a selection of mods. The mods are currently hosted as a git repository in the MeridianGroup Keybase group. If you wish to join, please contact the person in charge.

To join, from the DarkMP menu, connect to mg-1.meridiangrp.co.uk.


The KSP server is a sandbox world which is intended for building any and every craft. It is intended to be a welcoming place for everyone, so please do not build craft which cause damage to other people's craft.

You are welcome to create a fictional company in game to collate your craft. Please do not infringe on intellectual property whilst naming your company.


  • Craft must not be designed to cause excessive lag.
  • Craft must not be designed to damage other people's craft or bases.
  • You must not use another fictional companies name.


If you have any issues connecting, please contact the person in charge.

If you have issues with the mods, please contact the author of that modification.