The people in charge of Discord are:


Moderating Discord is very important, as it is the bit of MeridianGroup which most people see on a regular basis.

Immediate Action by Administrators

Administrators should screenshot the message and who it was sent by, then remove it as soon as possible and report it to one of the people in charge.

Content Containing Flashing Imagery

Any video which contains flashing imagery must be clearly marked before it is posted warning of flashing imagery. .gif moving images and videos which autoplay with flashing imagery are not permitted at all.

A user who posts flashing imagery will be subject to the following disciplinary action:

  1. Warning
  2. Kick
  3. Ban for one week.

MLMs, Sponsorships and Discounts

Any MLMs, Sponsorships or Discount Codes which benefit a user of the server in any way (monetary or otherwise) are not permitted. Any user found to have posted an MLM, Sponsorship or Discount Code will be subject to the following action:

  1. Warning
  2. Kick
  3. Ban permanentely.

If you still wish to post a discount code, explicit permission may be obtained from a member of staff.

Offensive Content

Any content that is offensive either by directly causing offense or by causing offense through indirect reference to current and/or previous events is not permitted.

A user who posts offensive content will be subject to the following disciplinary action:

  1. Warning
  2. Kick

NSFW Content

NSFW is Not Safe For Work. Content of this nature includes:

  • Sexual imagery
  • Sexually suggestive imagery
  • Imagery involving any nudity beyond undergarments

NSFW content is permitted only in channels marked clearly as NSFW using both Discord's system for marking them as NSFW and by clearly stating 'NSFW' in the name of the channel.

Any material that is deemed NSFW that is not posted in a channel marked as NSFW is not permitted and the author will be subject to the following disciplinary action:

  1. Kick
  2. Ban for one week.
  3. Permanent ban.

NSFL Content

NSFL is Not Safe For Life. Content of this nature includes:

  • Extreme gore
  • Dismembered limbs
  • Visible death of any kind

Content of this kind is forbidden entirely on the whole of the Discord. Any user found posting this sort of material will be subject to the following disciplinary action:

  1. Warning
  2. Immediate kick from the server
  3. Immediate six month ban from the server

Note that a user banned for this reason cannot have their ban shortened unless the content is proven to be posted by another user.

Provocative Content

Any content that provokes another user beyond a reasonable amount and causes excessive anger or distress is not permitted anywhere on Meridian. Any content of this such will be dealt with severeley. Users who continue to provoke another after clear warning will be immediatley banned for one week, or at the committee's sole discretion.